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Extreme Birdhouses stretches the architectural possibilities of the birdhouse. We bring you more than the usual designs from which to choose. Birdhouses can be both functional and entertaining. We've set out to explore some uncharted territory in the world of birdhouse design.

The birds could probably care less about the motif of their house, so long as they feel safe and comfortable. We've come up with designs that are pleasing to the inhabitants, as well as amusing to the folks doing the birdwatching.

The houses have a rustic quality, but at the same time a rich attention to design and detail.

All the houses are handmade from weather-resistant woods, such as redwood, pine or exterior grade plywood that should stand up to years of exposure to the elements. They are finished with several coats of non-toxic, high-grade exterior latex paint, which is safe for the birds and the environment. Hardware and fasteners are galvanized and brass to prevent rust. All have removable access panels for easy cleaning. Adequate ventilation and drainage holes are provided to insure a comfortable environment.

Whether being used as decorative items in the home, or as functional homes for birds, these birdhouses will provide you with many years of dependable service - and amusement.

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